Sponsorship Program

Sponsorship Program

Carshield AAA Hockey is rolling out a new sponsorship program for the 2022-2023 season to help individuals offset costs associated with playing Tier 1 AAA hockey by selling advertisements on the carshieldaaahockey.com website. If you sell a club partner or club sponsor, 80 percent of the proceeds goes directly to the individual and 20 percent to the club. If you sell a Rec-Plex ad, that split is 50-50 after expenses and the Rec-Plex's portion. 

Player / Family Responsibilities

Print off copies of the Sponsorship Program and forms for companies to fill out. Collect all forms and all checks by Oct. 23rd and if you need an invoice, email contact information to: Kelli Hofstetter. All other forms with checks can be mailed to John Gissy or call John to arrange drop off. 

For all sponsorships a player has sold, please provide the name of each company, a link to their website and the size of their sponsorship by Oct. 23rd. If they purchased the $1,000 level, also email a high-res logo. 

Toward the end of the season, the amount of the sponsorship a player or family sold will be applied directly to the players registration fees. A check will be sent for any amount remaining to help offset expenses they incurred during the season. For example, if a player sells $2,500 worth of sponsorships, $2,000 will be allocated for reimbursement. The remaining $500 will go to the club. For a Rec-Plex ad, the money is divided 50/50 after the Rec-Plex takes its cut. For instance, if you sell a $3,000 lobby banner ad, there will be a cost of $100 to make the ad, then the Rec-Plex gets 50 percent. Therefore, the player and club will split about $1,450

* Note: Carshield AAA Hockey is a 501(c)(3) organization and you can claim a deduction for federal tax purposes

John Gissy


Kelli Hofstetter

Sponsorship Tiers

Club Partners - $1,000 (plan is tax-deductible)

Partner logo on home page at carshieldaaahockey.com

Dedicated email to entire club about the partnership and social media post


Club Sponsors – Gold Level - $500 (tax deductible)

Link with text-only on sponsors page on the website

Included in a “Thank you to our Club Sponsors” email and social media post

Club Sponsors – Silver Level - $250 (tax deductible)

Included in a “Thank you to our Club Sponsors” email and social media post

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